Superstructure according to the weather

When it snows and the roads are icy, the driver chooses an Epoke spreader and a plow. When temperatures are warmer, the choice is Macropaver.

The changing weather conditions in Estonia do not have to be something to pay too much attention to. For example, the company ÜLE OÜ, whose main activities include road surfacing and maintenance, chooses the appropriate superstructure for its new Volvo FH truck with exchangeable body according to the weather: 

  • When it’s snowing and the roads are icy, the driver uses the winter superstructure, which includes an Epoke spreader and a plow. 
  • When temperatures are warmer, they choose a Macropaver, which is perfect for repairing road’s surface 

The interchangeable body installed by Pro Lift is a practical solution that allows the truck to be used to the fullest. 

  • ÜLE OÜ – The company was founded in 1990 and is one of the first private companies in Estonia working on road maintenance and repair. link

  • Epoke – Epoke was founded in 1950. The employees of the company create intelligent solutions that help customers around the world. Concepts such as reliability, innovation, functionality and quality service have always been the cornerstone of Epoke. link
  • Pro Lift – importer and seller of truck lifting mechanisms, their accessories, hydraulic components and body parts. We offer ready-made solutions for frame trucks – we install the superstructure desired by the customer on the frame of a truck from the factory with a complete solution (tipper, model, hook lift, cable lift with or without hydraulic lift, forestry truck, tent van, trailer, etc.). The complete solution includes design, stability and load distribution calculation, superstructure execution, testing, national type approval and training.
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