Epoke demo day in Estonia

At the Epoke demo day, a manufacturer of road maintenance equipment, we learned about new solutions to help you do your work more accurately and safely.

Danish road maintenance equipment manufacturer Epoke presented its latest news to Estonian customers at an demo day held at the Rae Golf Centre.

The focus was on the new EpoMaster X2 remote control system with integrated navigation, together with the web applications EpoSat and EpoData:

  • EpoSat is Epoke’s GPS-guided spreader system, which, together with Epoke’s temperature-controlled quantity regulator EpoTherm, gives full control over where the driver is driving and ensures that the right amount of spreader is placed on the road.
  • EpoData software solution, gives accurate reports of the work done.

Epoke representatives gave several examples of how the new technology helps to optimise work and save both time and money.

For more information on the Epoke product range, contact Hendrik Soots, Product Manager (+372 5690 7700 or hendrik@prolift.ee).

Epoke is a Danish company established in 1930, whose main products are spreaders, control systems, trailed spreaders, liquid spreaders, mixing systems, snow plows, unloading systems, tractors and tools, road cleaning equipment. Quality product and reliability is the reason why Epoke products are increasingly seen on Estonian roads. The Epoke Demo Day was held at the Rae Golf Centre. In addition to Epoke product news, the participants were able to practice their golf skills. More information: info@prolift.ee Photos: Maarja Malva

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