Epoke A/S

Epoke was founded in 1950 and is constantly moving ahead. Just as in nature, which is the basis for our existence. Despite the success of Epoke, the whole organisation is still developing rapidly. Every day, the dedicated employees of Epoke help to create intelligent solutions and better products that help our clients all over the world. Concepts like trustworthiness, innovation, functionality and quality service have always been the cornerstones of Epoke.
The Development Department of Epoke works closely with Danish clients to develop and test new products. This has secured Epoke’s strong position on the Danish market, which in turn serves as the basis for large global exports. Thanks to the help of our subsidiary undertakings in Germany and Poland, we offer expert advice and the best service in all markets.

Epoke’s equipment ensures the precise and even spread of material. The spreading disc spreads substances across its entire width and with the required dosing. The mixer turns scattered material into a homogenous substance. The delivery roller empties the tank evenly across its entire width, which means that the centre of gravity remains on the same vertical line during emptying. As a result, the truck remains more balanced during driving. Epoke’s dosing system is very effective for hard-to-treat and uneven materials; in pieces, big or too small. The systems are provided with an appropriate spreading disc, which prevents substances from being thrown beyond a certain limit and therefore it does not endanger other road users.

Main products: spreaders, mixing devices, control devices, towed spreaders, liquid spreaders, mixing systems, snowploughs, unloading systems, tractors and implement carriers, road cleaning equipment.