Epoke was founded in 1930 and is constantly moving forward. Just like nature, which is the basis of our existence. Despite Epoke’s success, the whole organisation is still evolving rapidly. Every day, Epoke employees help create smarter solutions and better products that help our customers around the world.

Concepts such as reliability, innovation, functionality and quality service have always been the cornerstones of Epoke.

Epoke’s development department works closely with Danish customers (and manufactures all its own electronics and software) to develop and test new products. This has ensured Epoke a strong position in the Danish market, which in turn is the basis for large global exports. With the help of our subsidiaries in Germany, we offer expert advice and the best service in all markets.

Epoke’s equipment ensures accurate and even spreading of the material. The spreading disc spreads the material over the full width and in the correct dosage. The spreader roller discharges the container evenly across its entire width, meaning that the centre of gravity remains on the same vertical line throughout the discharge process. As a result, the truck remains better balanced while driving. The Epoke dosing system is also very efficient with more uneven materials.

Main products: spreaders, guided spreaders, trailed spreaders, liquid spreaders, mixing systems, snow ploughs, unloading systems, tractors and implements, road cleaning equipment.