Versatile trucks for Verston

Company has new swap body trucks in their fleet - an excellent choice for our versatile climate.
Verston OÜ operates is road and infrastructure construction, maintenance and repair.   The challenging work requires professional tools. That’s why their truck fleet now includes new Volvo trucks with swap bodies – an excellent choice for our versatile climate.  
  • During the summer, one truck is equipped with a heated asphalt tipper body and a heat proof tarpaulin; the other truck has a bitumen sprayer, which is used, for example, in road surfacing.  
  • During the winter, both trucks have front and side plows and an Epoke GROUP spreader.  
The swap body allows the trucks to be used throughout the seasons and the exchange of different bodies is easy and quick. Trucks superstructure was designed and installed in our Pro Lift OÜ workshop. 

Project partners

  • Verston main activity is the construction, maintenance, and repair of roads and facilities, and  the production and sale of materials and asphalt necessary for road construction. The company has extensive experience and a large fleet of machinery, including an asphalt plant and paving machines.
  • Epoke, a Danish company founded in 1950, offers a range of products that include spreaders, mixing devices, control systems, towed spreaders, liquid spreaders, mixing systems, plows, snowplows, unloading systems, tractor and implement carriers, mixing systems, plows, snowplows, unloading systems, and street cleaning equipment.
  • Pro Lift provides turnkey solutions for trucks – we install the desired superstructure on the truck along with a complete solution. The complete solution includes design, stability and load distribution calculations, implementation of the superstructure, testing, national type approval, and training.

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