Multifunctional truck for Tallinn Zoo

We have installed a 5-ton Marrel hook lift (Fassi Group) on a 7-ton Iveco Daily truck.

We have installed a 5-ton hooklift (Fassi Group) on a 7-ton Iveco Daily truck, resulting in a multifunctional small truck with an exchange body. The possibilities for using this truck are expandable according to the owner’s needs. 

The exchange body is optimal, as it allows the truck to be used for various superstructures, such as containers, water tanks, tipper bodies, and cranes. This means that one truck can perform multiple tasks. For example, while unloading a container, the truck can transport another container for emptying, lift hay for the elephants, or deliver a new water tank for the mountain cattle.

The project was completed in collaboration with the IV Plus team, meeting the specific needs of Tallinn Zoo.

Project Partners

  • Tallinn Zoo was opened on August 25, 1939, and operates in four areas – environmental education, direct nature conservation, scientific activities, and providing informative leisure opportunities for visitors.
  • Marrel is a brand within the Fassi Group that specializes in the design and production of hydraulic components and equipment.
  • IV Pluss is a company that deals with the sale, maintenance, and spare parts of commercial vehicles, with offices located in Tallinn and Tartu.
  • Hydro Leduc is involved in the development and production of axial piston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydropneumatic accumulators, and customized products.
  • Pro Lift offers ready-made solutions for trucks and specialized vehicles – we install the desired superstructure along with a complete solution (tipper, flatbed, hooklift, cable lift with or without a hydraulic crane, forestry truck, road maintenance, box van, trailer, etc.). We are experts in designing and implementing special solutions.

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