Ramirent’s new Scania truck with HMF lifting equipment

We equipped Ramirent's new Scania R500 8x4 truck with HMF crane, platform, support legs, hydraulic winch, and toolboxes.

Ramirent, established in Finland in 1955, has been operating in Estonia for 30 years! As a trusted supplier, we have equipped their newly delivered Scania R500 8×4 truck from Scania Estonia with a practical and durable superstructure:

  • HMF 5020 Crane: This hydraulic crane provides excellent lifting capabilities, allowing for efficient and precise handling of heavy loads.
  • Platform with Hydraulic Ramps: The truck is equipped with a platform featuring hydraulic ramps, ensuring convenient and safe loading and unloading operations.
  • Hydraulic Winch: The inclusion of a hydraulic winch further enhances the truck’s versatility, making it suitable for various lifting and pulling tasks.
  • Toolboxes: The truck is fitted with multiple toolboxes, including a robust silver toolbox placed between the rear axles, with a remarkable load capacity of 230 kg!
  • Four Support Legs: To ensure stability during operations, the truck is equipped with four support legs, both on the side and at the rear.

Ramirent, the embodiment of professionalism and reliability, continues to serve the Estonian market with top-notch equipment and services. 


Pro Lift is a distributor and seller of truck lifting mechanisms, additional equipment, hydraulic components, and bodywork details, providing ready-made solutions for frame trucks. Our services include installing the desired bodywork on the truck chassis, along with a complete solution. We offer various options for bodywork, including dumpers, box trucks, hooklifts, cable lifts with or without hydraulic lifts, forestry trucks, curtain-side vans, trailers, and much more. Our complete solution encompasses several essential steps, including design, stability and load distribution calculations, bodywork implementation, testing, national type approval, and training. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and professional service to meet the needs and demands of our customers in the field of truck bodywork.

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