News from Hilltip’s demo day in Estonia

The company's founder, and also Director of Sales and Marketing, Frank Mäenpää focused mainly on the next-generation management systems HTrack™ and StrikeSmart™PLUS.

Pro Lift recently had the honor of hosting the manufacturer of road maintenance equipment, Hilltip. The event marked a significant milestone in ongoing collaboration – during the 2022-2023 winter season, a record number of machines equipped with Hilltip gear reached customers.

Hilltip’s reputation for innovation and quality in road maintenance equipment made this event highly anticipated just before the season. The company’s founder, Sales and Marketing Director Frank Mäenpää, presented both the company’s history and the innovations for 2023, focusing primarily on the next-generation control systems HTrack™ and StrikeSmart™PLUS, offered as additional options for the current spreading device controller.

Key innovations:

  • Adjustment of spreading strategy based on real-time weather forecasts using HTrack™.
  • Adaptation of material quantity using information from HTrack™ and TEMPSTRIKER™ sensors, which monitor road conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, soil condition), ensuring the use of the appropriate material quantity for the current situation.
  • Direction of spreading rate – based on collected data, providing real-time recommendations to the spreader controller to ensure efficient material use while maximizing the effectiveness of maintenance work.
  • Route-based spreading settings to ensure a consistent spreading direction or width in a specific location.
  • Intuitive user interface allowing operators at all levels to quickly understand StrikeSmart™ functions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every task.
  • Automatic adjustment of the spreader based on HTrack™ data according to weather and road conditions. Such automation ensures consistency and reduces the risk of over- or under-spreading.
  • Material savings – by following recommended spreading rates and adjusting them dynamically, you save on material costs while maintaining optimal road conditions.

In summary, by combining real-time weather forecasts, monitoring road conditions, and guiding automated rates, you can solve winter challenges with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

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