Curtainsider body for Eesti Höövelliist

Their products will now reach customers and resellers with a new DAF LF truck.  

Eesti Höövelliist is the producer of wooden profiles.  

Their products will now reach customers and resellers with a new DAF LF truck.  

We built and installed a curtainsider body. The customised design is made by tarpaulin installer Autokate OÜ.  

  • Client: OÜ Eesti Höövelliist aka EHL Profiles Group main activity is the production of wooden profiles. EHL Profiles Group is owned by Pomona Gruppen AB – a family-run company from 1986. EHL Profiles Group includes 6 companies: EHL Höövelliist (EST), EHL Liistuvabrik (EST), EHL Prolist (SWE), EHL Grimslöv Trä & List (SWE), EHL Rindalslist (NO), EHL Drewest (PLN).
  • Truck: Truck Trading Estonia represents DAF trucks and Knapen and Renders trailers in Estonia, sells spare parts, accessories, lubricants and car chemistry for means of transport. The company offers repair and maintenance work (including diagnostics, axle adjustment, welding and lathe work, washing) for trucks, trailers and buses. The offices are located on Tähe Street in Tartu (Tartu Centre), in Rae municipality in Harjumaa (Tallinn Centre) and in Paikuse in Pärnumaa (Pärnu Centre).
  • Curtains: Autokate OÜ manufactures and repairs PVC fabric products
  • Superstructure: Pro Lift OÜ is an importer and seller of truck lifting mechanisms, their accessories, hydraulic components and body parts.

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