Bestnet increased lifting capacity

We produced a flatbed box-body and installed a crane HMF 810 and hydraulic pump (Hydro Leduc), oil tank from Padoan to the new Bestnet's Volvo FM 6x2 truck.

Bestnet is primarily known as a manufacturer of car trailers (Tiki treiler), but did you know that the company also undertakes large-scale subcontracting work for various industrial sectors?

Bestnet Group truck fleet was recently updated with a practical Volvo FM 6×2, to which we produced a flatbed box-body and installed a crane HMF 810 and hydraulic pump (Hydro Leduc). Oil tank is from producer called Padoan.

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Pro lift specializes in the sales, installation, maintenance, and repair of lifting equipment. Their goal is to assist clients in efficiently and safely addressing various lifting needs by offering quality equipment and professional services.

HMF is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of cranes and lifting equipment. HMF cranes are renowned for their quality, innovation, and durability.

Hydro Leduc specializes in the manufacturing of hydraulic components and the development of hydraulic systems. They offer a wide range of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and other components necessary for equipment and system applications. The company is known for its high-quality and reliable products and also provides technical support and customized solutions according to customer needs.

Padoan is a market leader in hydraulic tanks and reservoirs. The company manufactures tanks for industrial vehicles and machinery in various fields, responding quickly to customer needs and goals.

Bestnet is engaged in trailer development, production, sales, and rental; metal industry outsourcing; and environmentally friendly metal surface coating and corrosion protection.

Volvo Trucks Estonia is primarily engaged in the sales, distribution, and servicing of Volvo trucks and related products. They offer a wide range of commercial vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks and transport solutions for various industries.

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