RKIK: pioneer battalion trucks built in Pro Lift

Pioneer battalion trucks were built at Pro Lift to meet the needs of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Pioneer Battalion.

At the request of the State Defense Investment Center (RKIK), pioneer battalion trucks were built at Pro Lift to meet the needs of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Pioneer Battalion.

Two MAN 6 × 6 trucks with a load capacity of 7 tonnes were built with a crane system and compressor solution specially designed for the needs of the Defense Forces, as well as electricity generation capacity. Throughout this system, pioneers have the ability to travel anywhere with the vehicles and perform the necessary work with pneumatic and electric tools. For example, drill holes for blasting or work at heights if necessary.

Toomas Kalda, RKIK’s vehicle category manager: “The right equipment had to be found first and then find the solution to install it – this is globally unique tailor-made solution. One of the key strengths of our pioneering units is the small size and flexibility, that is why this project was technically challenging for all parties”.

Captain Ergo Sildmets, the junior staff officer of the 1st Infantry Brigade of the Defense Forces, added that PETS will create the necessary flexibility and additional special work capabilities for the 2nd Infantry Brigade. “The presence of two PETS will give the Defense Forces new capabilities for drilling, preparing blast holes in buildings and soil, demolition, loosening frozen and asphalt soil, lifting and other work such as site lighting, power generation and the construction of hand-held passages”.

Raido Välk, CEO of Pro Lift OÜ, added that this project was challenging and interesting. “RKIK’s clear demand for the machines was that the superstructure systems built should be easy to maintain and the whole system should not be burden for the selected machines, in order to avoid instability and difficulty in driving. We were able to quickly find a suitable special solution that met the needs described. We had already installed similar equipment before, but it was the first time we had to find such a complex solution for an offroad machine.”

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