Verston trucks getting ready for the winter

We are working on Verston semi-trailer trucks that will have superstructure that adapts with the seasons - road maintenance in the winter and semi-trailers in the summer.

Preparations for the 2022-2023 winter season are in full swing. We are working on Verston trucks with a superstructure that adapts according to the season – road maintenance in winter and semi-trailer transport in the summer.

The multi-functionality of the trucks allows maximum use of the vehicles:
  • for winter maintenance, the truck has a side plow and an easy-to-install and removable EPOKE salt spreader. Due to the innovative special solution of Pro Lift OÜ, even one person can handle the shift, but for safety reasons, we recommend always doing it with two people
  • in the summer, the truck can be used to transport various semi-trailers
In addition, the latest technological solutions ensure ergonomically comfortable working environment for the driver and for the long lifespan of the superstructure, many components are galvanised. Last but not least, shiny stainless details to add some sparkle         For more, please contact us

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