Lifting services with Fassi crane

We installed a durable and powerful superstructure for Inkris Projekt on the new Volvo FM truck at Pro Lift's workshop
Inkris Projekt OÜ is a versatile company that operates in road freight transport, but also offers lifting, trailer transport, and wood chip transport.  You may have already noticed their new Volvo FM, on which they installed durable and powerful equipment at Pro Lift OÜ workshop, but we are proud to show it off some more. The truck’s superstructure includes:   
  • Fassi F454A 27+ jib L214 crane  
  • Platform with extension   
  • Toolbox   
  • Front leg for maintaining stability  
Pro Lift is an importer and seller of lifting mechanisms of lorries, and their accessories, hydraulic components and superstructure elements. We provide ready-made solutions for chassis cabs – we install superstructures with a complete solution indicated by the customer on the chassis of lorries straight from the factory (dumper, platform, hook-lift, cable crane with or without hydro-crane, forestry lorry, canvas cargo area, trailer, etc.). A complete solution includes design, calculation of stability and load distribution, construction of the superstructure, testing, national type-approval and training. For questions and inquiries, please contact us or +372 683 7705

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