Cramo’s shelter transport with a new Volvo FH

We installed a hydraulically extendable platform with container locks, an HMF crane, and support legs

Founded in 1995, Cramo Estonia AS has grown to become the largest company renting construction equipment and machinery in Estonia. The recently added a new Volvo FH to their fleet to transport shelters.

We added a functional superstructure to the Volvo truck at our Pro Lift workshop:

  • A hydraulically extendable platform with container locks;
  • Five support legs to ensure stability during lifting;
  • An HMF crane from the 9520 series. HMF is a Danish company that manufactures cranes for mounting on trucks, which can be used for collecting garden waste, lifting and emptying waste containers, or delivering construction materials to construction sites. Cramo uses the crane for transporting cabins.

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