Columbia Kivi: Scania R500 and HMF Crane

Columbia Kivi produces concrete blocks of various sizes. To transport the produce, they now have a practical Scania truck with a HMF crane.

Columbia Kivi, founded in 1993, produces concrete retaining wall blocks of various sizes. For the transportation of these blocks, the company now has a practical truck – a Scania R500 with a dropside body and a HMF crane.

We installed a sturdy and fast HMF 1920 crane and a dropside body at the Pro Lift workshop on the truck. The surface of the dropside body is covered with protective ProCover material, which has already proven itself in the light truck sector. Additionally, we added aluminium posts, toolboxes, and open mesh toolboxes for the transportation of more robust tools. The driver’s protection is enhanced not only by the well-designed XT cabin but also by the higher front wall of the platform.

The oil tank is from Padoan, the control system from Scanreco, and the hydraulic pump from Hydro Leduc.

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