We provide finished solutions for chassis cabs – we install the superstructure requested by the customer with full solution to the factory made undercarriage of the truck.



Pro Lift OÜ imports and sells lifting mechanisms of trucks, their accessories, hydraulic components and superstructure details. We provide service for all superstructures of trucks. We maintain, recover and repair the superstructures of the trucks. During our whole operation, we have performed more than 200 finished solutions of trucks and from the end of 2008 we reside in a new and modern production facilities in the Loo small town near Tallinn.


Superstructure works performed by us:
Swap body for trucks
• Hooklifts
• Cable hoists

For freight trucks
• Platform (with steel and aluminium frame)

Dump trucks
• end dump trucks
• 3-side dump trucks

Tent vans
• tent vans
• with curtain

Timber trucks
• Timber trucks (with and without lift)

For other trucks

• Trailers

Swap body for trucks
• different backs of the truck (with and without lift)

Installation, repair and maintenance of lifts
• Hydraulic lifts
• Timber cranes
• Rear hatch lifts

Other works
• Development and installation of hydraulic systems
• Manufacturing of hydraulic hoses
• Changing of oil in the hydraulic systems
• Repair of hydraulic systems
• Welding works
• Turning works

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